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15 March 2024

Architect aan Zet

city of rotterdam logo

Together, Susanne Pietsch and Dirk Osinga have completed the 'Architect aan Zet ' course from the City of Rotterdam. This course certified us to independently take on projects for private clients who would like to build an extension, an annex or a rooftop extension to their current house without the need for a building permit.

The advantage for private clients is that they can realise their goal of improving their house much faster. One of conditions is that we as architects are guiding the whole process from start to finish. This course gave us knowledge on the latest changes in legislation concerning the built environment; de omgevingswet. Get in touch if you would like to know more.


17 June 2023

rotterdam architecture month


On the 24th of June during the Open Office Day of the Rotterdam Architecture Month 2023 STUDIOSINGA will open the doors to the public. Dirk Osinga will give a short presentation 'Inside Out' about the design and realisation process of an interior design project for the Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR) in the RET building, designed by Ad van der Steur, the architect of the Boijmans van Beuningen museum. The presentation takes place at AIR so you can experience the interior yourself. Feel free to stop by or join the tour South/West.

day: 24 June 2023
time: 13:30 - 16:00
location: Waalhaven Oostzijde 1

25 January 2023

recrafting craft

Recrafting Craft exhibited at research festival 'Making (in) in the Unforeseen'

Recrafting Craft, a speculative design research project on the future of fashion education, was exhibited on the artistic research festival 'Making (in) in the Unforeseen' at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (NL). STUDIOSINGA and collaborator Mascha van Zijverden were asked to showcase the process and the outcomes of our design research. This festival was meant to nurture the research culture among students who will start with their final projects by showcasing different directions one can take in contemporary artistic research at the WdKA. For this exhibition Dirk Osinga developed the concept and wrote texts for the presentation within a tight budget and timeframe.

15 November 2022


Lecturer Urban Design and Architecture

Dirk Osinga started lecturing at the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft. There he is leading an undergraduate design studio where students get introduced to the foundations of urbanism through research by design. The task for the students is to redevelop the neighbourhood 'Tarwe wijk' in Rotterdam taking into account the challenges of urban housing and mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis.

29 June 2022


STUDIOSINGA commissioned to make an interior design for a fashion education

After carrying out a feasibility study and a first sketch design for the the fashion department of the MBO College Hilversum, which is part of the ROC van Amsterdam, a large vocational education institute, STUDIOSINGA is commissioned to design the interior of three fashion ateliers and a flexible learning space. The brief is to design and produce wall-to-ceiling storage spaces, fitting rooms and different worktables as well as the selection of other pieces of furniture. STUDIOSINGA will collaborate on this project together with Susanne Pietsch and Willem van Doorn.

03 May 2022


STUDIOSINGA commissioned to research an energy-efficiënt renovation strategy for IFFR

The offices of the International Film Festival Rotterdam are located in one of the buildings within the famous 'De Lijnbaan' ensemble in the centre of the city. This ensemble built in the 1950s is an important cornerstone in the post-war reconstruction of Rotterdam and includes several housing slabs. Designed by Van den Broek & Bakema it was one of the first open-air shopping malls in the Netherlands and the first pedestrian-only shopping mall in Europe. However built in concrete, steel and glass these listed buildings are not performing according current energy-efficiënt and comfort standards. STUDIOSINGA is asked to research a renovation strategy for one of facades of the building that is still in its original form.

31 Maart 2022


STUDIOSINGA selected for the Folly Art Norg festival


STUDIOSINGA commissioned to redesign a weekend house

On a beautiful site in Reeuwijk (NL) with a great view on a lake a family owns two holiday houses built in the 1960s. One of the houses is in a dilapidated state and the owners would like to have more comfort so they can use the house also during winter. The brief is to design a house with an extended program within budget and adhering to strict regulations in regards to maximum volume.

05 November 2021

fontys academy STUDIOSINGA

Lecturer Design Research and Critical Thinking

Dirk Osinga started lecturing 'Design Research and Critical Thinking' to master students from the Academy of Architecture and Urbanism at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts. This theoretical and hands-on course developed by STUDIOSINGA is in close coordination with the design studio 'Fabrications 1:1' where students design and build a small architectural project. This year the students will design masonry structures. The goal of the course is to learn how to do design research and determine their own position in the field by thinking and writing critically.

28 October 2021

jury ijsselmonde STUDIOSINGA

Jury member for open call 'unexpected encounters in the garden city of tomorrow'

Dirk Osinga participated in the jury of the open call 'unexpected encounters in the garden city of tomorrow' organised by Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR). The open call for design research proposals for the IJsselmonde neighbourhood in the south of Rotterdam, a typical neighbourhood built in the 1960s and designed to create a harmonious community, was specifically aimed at discovering the missing links between contemporary social issues like loneliness, segregation & inequality and the built environment. The jury selected three proposals out of twenty submissions that were research oriented with creative methods to collect new information, designers with participatory experience in order to engage with residents to co-create designs and submissions that promise a wide range of different responses to the specific situation in IJsselmonde.

26 October 2021

fashion atelier  STUDIOSINGA

STUDIOSINGA commissioned to research a new professional learning environment for fashion students

STUDIOSINGA is commissioned by the MBO College Hilversum, part of the ROC van Amsterdam, a large vocational educational institute, to help them with the planning phase of the Fashion Ateliers from the fashion department. The school is in transition as there is a new vision on the education of students and an upcoming refurbishment of the interior for the entire school building. The assignment for STUDIOSINGA is to determine the needed capacity for the Fashion Ateliers, explore different spatial scenario's, and to establish a program of demands thereby bridging the gap between pedagogy and architecture.


01 June 2021


Workshop Building Community - IJsselmonde

For the Rotterdam Architecture Month (RAM) STUDIOSINGA has been commissioned by the Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR) to develop and organise a design research workshop for the residents of IJsselmonde, a neighourhood in the south of Rotterdam. IJsselmonde has been conceived after the war with the international urban theory of the 'garden city' in mind together with the specifically Dutch theory about the creation of a neighbourhood or 'wijkgedachte' at that time where community, identity and meeting places were important ideas to drive the design. Together with the residents with our smartphones in hand we are going to investigate what these concepts mean today through cartography, photography and journalism.

You are welcome join on Saturday 26th of June at 10:00 or at 13:00.
Free of charge, sign up here


10 January 2021


External Expert Assessment Committee

Dirk Osinga was asked to participate as an external expert in the assessment committee for the final examination of the Willem de Kooning Academy, within the Commmercial Practices. Commercial Practices is one of the three practices of the WDKA where students from different disciplines, from advertising to fine art, position their graduation project towards our “next” economy where new opportunities and roles for prospective designers and artists are explored.


20 May 2020

beukstraat STUDIOSINGA

STUDIOSINGA commissioned to design a refurbishment of a row house

14 April 2020


STUDIOSINGA commissioned by curatorial studio Shimmer to digitise artworks


27 March 2020


STUDIOSINGA commissioned to design a refurbishment of an apartment


14 August 2019

stimuleringsfonds STUDIOSINGA

Grant Proposal 'The Air We All Breathe' selected!

Together with Maarten Lambrechts and Susanne Pietsch we have been selected for the open call 'Interior & Interdisciplinarity #2' with our design research proposal 'The Air We All Breathe' We are researching the conditioning of the indoor environment in the context of global warming. Conventional technical installations take up more and more physical and financial space in buildings while interior architecture also takes into account aesthetical, social and cultural aspects. In this design research we would like to question the hegemonic regime of conventional Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and explore an alternative and inter-disciplinary approach to mediate the relationship between inside and outside.


1 July 2019


STUDIOSINGA moved into a new studio

Since the first of July we moved to the former RET building in Charlois in the south of Rotterdam close to the Maastunnel. We are glad with our new space!


4 March 2019

bureau europa STUDIOSINGA

Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust

Dirk Osinga was asked by Bureau Europa to join the curatorial team for the exhibition Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust. This exhibition examines what role digital technology plays in the current climate of institutional distrust either by fuelling this collective distrust by spreading fake news and conspiracy theories or by trying to create a renewed sense of trust through the creation of digital platforms and its online communities. He was responsible for the curation of projects related to the architecture of the city and took part in design of the scenography. These projects ranged from surveillance systems for crowd control to the architecture of the headquarters of big tech companies and from digital platforms like Airbnb and Peerby to the collapse of the Ponte Morandi bridge in Genoa.


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